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Measure A

CUSD Supports Water Conservation


Less Water for Turf Areas


In accordance with the Governor’s directive, and in compliance with the City of Colusa’s restrictions, Colusa Schools have already begun to take steps to drastically reduce water usage.  The majority of the potable water used by CUSD goes onto our turf areas.  The unprecedented nature of this drought makes it necessary to conserve water in every way imaginable.  The district currently waters the grass areas at Egling MS and Burchfield PS twice a week.  Both areas are now receiving 33% less water than has been applied in the past.  The sprinklers not only run for shorter periods, but are scheduled to run twice during a cycle to minimize the chance of any water running off and going to waste.  Typically a set of sprinklers would run one time for 30 minutes.  Now the same set of sprinklers run one time for 10 minutes, pause for a few hours to allow all the water to soak into the ground, and run again for another 10 minutes.   Our turf consultants tell us this is the most efficient way to utilize water.  We realize that those turf areas represent a sizable financial investment for the district, and will do what we can to protect that investment using as little water as possible.


At the high school our sprinklers run off a well.  While not strictly required to reduce water usage from wells, the district feels it prudent to similarly comply at that site also.  Playing fields will be kept in safe and playable condition until the end of the season, after which watering will be cut back significantly.  The goal will be to save as much water as possible while keeping the turf alive and able to recover when the rains return. 


As the weather becomes warmer we expect to see our turf areas looking less than great.  Changes in soil types and other factors will make it impossible to keep the grass a uniformly green color using such a reduced amount of water.  Any new landscaping plans will be evaluated based on appearance and ability to survive on very little water.  The District waters most areas in the late evening and early morning hours.  While we strive to insure our sprinklers are functioning properly, they do occasionally get damaged.  If you happen to notice a sprinkler on district property which is spraying onto the sidewalk, please call the District Office immediately (530) 458-7791. 


Other Water Saving Efforts         


As we begin the process of modernizing our facilities, any restroom remodel will include very-low-flow fixtures, and possibly even no-flow urinals.  We will strive to make all those systems as efficient as possible.  Additionally, parents can help by talking to their children about the importance of saving water.  Waterless hand sanitizers are a great way to clean hands, and many classrooms have this available to the children.  Particularly at the lower grades students should be taught water conservation at home and school.   Students should also be encouraged to report leaking fixtures. 


Our entire staff is actively looking for additional water-saving ideas.  We want to be good neighbors and responsible citizens.   


Colusa High School is very proud to announce the hiring of our new JV and Varsity Head Football Coaches.

The new Head JV Football Coach is Ron Calcagno.  Coach Calcagno was born and raised in Colusa and graduated from Colusa High School.  He is married to Rochelle Calcagno and they have three wonderful boys, Joey, Garrett and Shane.  Coach Calcagno has coached for the Colusa County Youth Football Program from 2003 to 2014 where his teams were very successful, winning four league titles and two division titles.  Last year, Coach Calcagno’s team went 12-0, giving up only 14 points all year.  We are very excited to have such an experienced coach to add to our successful football program.

The new Head Varsity Football Coach is Sonny Badaluco.  Coach Badaluco was last seen in Colusa in 2013 when he guided the Colusa High School JV football team to a league title and a 8-1-1 record.  Sonny has been a coach in the Colusa County community since he was 15 years old.  A Maxwell graduate, Coach Badaluco has coached baseball and football at Maxwell and Colusa High School since 2006.  Many of the players from the JV championship team in 2013 will be seniors next year and are all very excited to welcome back their coach to Colusa High School.  CHS is very excited to welcome back, Sonny Badaluco as its new Head Varsity Football Coach.

Governing Board Responds to Community Questions

We had a number of people at the board meeting last night speaking about the CHS Head Football Coach issue. We have, as requested, and after lengthy discussion, the following response:

The Board is always pleased when the public comes to our meetings to address issues important to all of us in the community. Sometimes reasonable people can disagree on what action the District should take in a given situation. Since the removal of Mr. Theriault from the Head Football Coaching position is a personnel matter, neither the Board nor District administration will publicly discuss the reasons. Personnel matters pertaining to all District employees are confidential by law, and we protect the dignity and rights of our staff by respecting their right to privacy.

However, there are some points we would like to share following our discussion last evening:

All decisions about hiring coaches, retaining coaches, or releasing coaches are made by the Administration. The Board has delegated that responsibility to its Administrative Team. As the legal counsel for Colusa USD has explained to us, stipended coaches are “at will” employees. There is no formal hearing process when Administration decides to release a coach. There is also no appeal process to the School Board when this happens, and we do not think it would be wise for the Board to start one.

We, the Board members, have been fully informed about the reasons for Administration’s decisions. We are satisfied that the Administrators’ conclusions and actions in this matter are not arbitrary. Their decisions were made based on a reasonable belief that the action was necessary and in the best interest of our students and this District. If, as this situation developed over the recent months, we had at any time felt that the actions were arbitrary and without a good foundation, we would have addressed that issue with the Superintendent and Site Administration. We have never reached that conclusion, and support our Administrative Team’s decisions and actions in this matter.

We clearly heard the message from the community members who spoke at the meeting last night, and we commend them for the courteous way in which their comments were delivered. We respect the community members who supported Mr. Theriault and who disagree with this decision. We also respect the fact that there are other parents and community members who agree with and support our Administrative Team’s decision in this matter.

In the end, however, the decision by our Administrative Team must be made using their best professional judgment and experience. We trust that the Administration has thoroughly and diligently adhered to our policy and values in their actions. They, with full knowledge of all of the facts surrounding this issue, made a decision that is in the best interest of the students and the CUSD community as a whole.

We are fully aware of the legal requirement that all teachers qualified by training, experience and performance to coach a particular sport, who want to coach the sport, are entitled to appointment to the coaching position ahead of any interested classified employee or any interested external candidate (the so called “Rialto Rule”). The right to priority appointment to a coaching position is not absolute. A certificated employee applying for a position does not qualify if they do not meet district administration’s standards and expectations either through lack of training, lack of experience, or demonstrated past performance.

We understand the information we have provided may not answer all questions. We hope that you will respect the fact that these decisions are always difficult. Our Administrative Team and the Board itself always first and foremost are concerned with what is best for our students. We consider this matter closed and hope we can count on your continued support as we work to move our district forward.

CUSD Board of Trustees




CUSD now has an official Facebook page:  Like us at 



Please be advised that PDF files on this website requires Acrobat X to view. 



We continue to have the process that allows parents to access their child's grades and attendance online (Aeries Browser Interface).  If you have not signed up and would like to use this service, please contact your student's school office for the step-by-step process.  We strongly encourage all parents to take advantage of this opportunity.  You can see excactly which assignments have been turned in and each part of their grade (homework, tests, quizzes, projects, etc.).

Another way to access information about your student's classes is to go to our new district website here at:  http// (click on your child's school).  Many teacher web pages are up and some are under construction.  You can email all teachers through this portal.  

New Cafeteria Computerized Payment System for School Meals

The Nutrition and Food Service Department recently evaluated many different computerized Point of Sale (POS) systems to increase the level of service and provide accurate school meal accounts.  After reviewing several systems, a decision has been made to purchase the NUTRIKIDS® POS System. We are currently preparing to implement this new system in our (district\school) with a launch date of Tuesday, March 3, 2015.

The first few days of implementation may be a bit slower than normal; however, as students familiarize themselves with the system, the lines should move much more quickly.     

Every student enrolled in Colusa Unified Schools has been entered into the computerized system.  We strongly recommend parents/guardians deposit money into their student’s account via cash, check or by registering with our new online payment center, at (the link will be available on the district website, Student Nutrition page). However, the system is quite flexible and students can still pay in cash. We will no longer be linked into or using PayPams as our cafeteria student account payment center.  If you are registered with PayPams, you will notice that you no longer have the ability to login to your student’s account(s). We have transferred all student / staff accounts to MySchoolBucks. You will need to register and deposit as desired. We are very excited to inform you that you will now be able to make a deposit to all your student accounts (even if they attend different school sites within our district) in one transaction with one fee of 1.95. It was brought to my attention that parents do not use PayPams due to the high cost of $1.95 per student/ transaction. For this reason and several other upgrades and service related advantages, we have decided the challenge of changing systems could no longer be avoided.

Our Student Nutrition Department is pleased to announce the availability of applying for Free and Reduced Price Meals online!  The process is SAFE, SECURE, PRIVATE, and AVAILABLE anytime, anywhere at (link will be available on the district website, Student Nutrition page). If your child has qualified for free or reduced meal prices for school 2014-2015, this information is noted in the system, and the meal will be processed just as it is for all other students without any special indication to the students. If you notice any change to your students eligibility (if your child is now being asked to pay and was free or reduced prior to 3/3/15) please immediately contact Terry Weldon at 530-458-7791 (ext. 14115) or Leasa Hill 530-566-6251.

If you are concerned about a food allergy that your son/daughter has, please notify the cafeteria or school nurse with this information.

If for any reason you would like a copy of the transactions for your child’s account, we will be able to give you a print out. Again, any balance remaining on your PayPams account will automatically transfer to MySchoolBucks on Tuesday, March 3rd!

If you have questions, please feel free to call me at my office at 530-566-6251. 

Thank you in advance for your patience in implementing this system.