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Information from CDC on Enterovirus and Ebola
From the US Department of Education and the Centers for Disease Control


Dear Parents and Community Members,

As you are likely aware, the United States has been experiencing a nationwide outbreak of enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) associat... Continue
Posted by: Dwayne Newman
Published: 10/16/14

Reminder: Kindergarten Going Full Day in November

Extended Day for Kindergarten

Reminder...our kindergarteners will move to a full day beginning on Monday, November 10th.  Contact BPS Office if you have any questions.


Information from CDC on Enterovirus and Ebola

From the US Department of Education and the Centers for Disease Control


Dear Parents and Community Members,

As you are likely aware, the United States has been experiencing a nationwide outbreak of enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) associated with severe respiratory illness that has been especially harmful to children.  At the same time, you and your communities may also have questions about the Ebola virus.  To address both public health concerns, the U.S. Department of Education and our federal health partners have a number of informational resources to share with you. 

Almost all of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)-confirmed cases this year of EV-D68 infection have been among children.  Many of the children had asthma or a history of wheezing.  Many parents continue to be worried about the outbreak and want information about what they can do to prevent illness and protect themselves and their families.  The CDC has developed information and resources for parents about EV-D68.  Please help us to address parents’ questions and concerns and make them aware that these resources are available.

Below are CDC resources about EV-D68 developed for parents:


Yesterday, the CDC issued a press release sharing news about a new lab test developed by CDC for EV-D68 which will allow more rapid testing of specimens.  Because of this new test, confirmed cases of EV-D68 will appear to rise rapidly over the next 7-10 days as specimen testing accelerates.  However, changes in case counts won’t represent a real-time influx of new cases.

Remember too, as entrovirus season is expected to taper off, flu activity usually begins to increase in October.  While there is not a vaccine to prevent illness from enterovirus, the single best way to protect against the flu is to get vaccinated each year.  Many resources for parents and others can be found on the CDC flu web site.  CDC recommends that ALL children 6 months old or older get a flu vaccine.

Finally, we know your communities may also have questions about what schools can do to keep students and adults safe from the Ebola virus.  The President has made control of Ebola a top national security priority, and we as a nation have spent more than $100 million fighting this outbreak since the first cases were reported last March in Africa.  Our national health system has the capacity and expertise to quickly detect and contain this disease and is working with states and school districts to ensure the safety of our students and school employees.  As you likely know, the CDC is continually updating its information on Ebola, information that can be found here:

Our Department’s Office of Safe and Healthy Students has a number of materials available regarding Readiness and Emergency Management of Schools in crisis situations, and those materials can be found here:  One resource at this web link is steps the Dallas Independent School District (DISD) has taken to keep parents and community partners continually updated on the Ebola situation there, including establishing a web site:


We sincerely hope that you find these materials beneficial and that you will share them through all of your available networks and communication vehicles.


Thank you.

The National Public Engagement Team

U.S. Department of Education

Posted by: Dwayne Newman
Published: 10/16/14

Get to Know Our Educators

Sheraya Harmon

My name is Sheraya Harmon. I am new to Burchfield as a teacher but a native to the area. I grew up in Colusa and attended Burchfield, Egling, and Colusa High. I moved to Sonoma county and attended Sonoma State where I graduated with a BA in Liberal Studies and my teaching credential. I am excited to be part of this wonderful school where it all began for me. 


Lila Lemenager



Lila Lemenager was hired by Burchfield Primary as a Library Clerk in October of 2013.  She has a Bachelor of Science in Child Development from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.  As a pre-kindergarten teacher and preschool director she developed a love for children's books and became an excellent storyteller.  For the past 32 years she was employed by Woodland Christian School in Woodland, CA.  In June of 2013 she moved back to the house she grew-up in, on a ranch in Sutter County nestled along the southeast corner of the Sutter Buttes. 





Parents, are you looking for an easy way to get a reminder when your child is almost out of lunch money? 

Create an account in !!!  This service will send automatic email notices when your child's account reaches an amount you determine.  If you want an email when your child's account is at $10, you can set up Paypams to do that.  You can also add funds to your childs account using your credit card (for a small fee).  If you send cash or a check directly to the school, the money is added to your child's account for no fee.  Paypams also allows you to check exactly how your child's lunch money is being used - whether it's for the standard lunch, additional items, etc.

If you need more information check out the Paypams site or call your child's school.



On March 19, 2013 the Colusa Unified School District Board of Trustees adopted the school calendars for the 2013-14 and 2014-15 school years.  Please click on the links below to view.

2013-2014 School Calendar

2014-2015 School Calendar.pdf




 Dear Parents, 

Our schools participate in the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs.  These federally funded programs allow us to provide free and reduced priced meals to qualified children. In order to participate, we must have a policy which prohibits students from charging meals.  We do understand there may be the odd occasion when a student forgets his/her money.  To accommodate such situations and not hold up the line, we may allow a maximum of two temporary charges to an account.  

In order to avoid the issue of charging or falling behind on payments, many parents have found that pre-paying is a convenient way to insure their child continues to enjoy the nutritious and appealing meals we serve each day. Remember: you always have the option of sending your child with a meal prepared at home.

We encourage parents to pay by the week or the month.  If you have received a charge notice recently, please attend to it immediately.  To do this, simply send a check made payable to “CUSD” with your child to take to the cafeteria, drop off a check at the office,  or put money on your child’s account and track their activity on

We currently have an unusually large number of students with unpaid meal charges.  Families with unpaid balances will have until December 1, 2012 to pay for all charges on their student’s account.  After December 1st we will be offering an alternative meal* to all students owing charges until the account is brought current or payment arrangements are made with Food Service Director Leasa Hill. 

We recognize that your child may qualify for free meals.   If you feel you may qualify for free or reduced price meals, application forms are available at the school office.  Free or reduced applications may be submitted at any time during the school year and must be re-submitted every year.  Being approved for free lunches/breakfasts does not become retroactive to any outstanding balances.  Applications cannot be pre-dated. 

 If you would like a free / reduced application, need to set up a payment plan, need assistance in setting up your PayPams account, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Terry Weldon at 458-7791 ext. 14115 or Leasa Hill at 458-7791 ext.14121.

 *The alternative meal offered at each school site will be a complete meal meeting government standards consisting of all five components at lunch and three components at breakfast.  The alternative meal does not include a choice of entrée or salad bar offerings. 


CUSD now has an official Facebook page:  Like us at 



Please be advised that PDF files on this website requires Acrobat X to view. 



We continue to have the process that allows parents to access their child's grades and attendance online (Aeries Browser Interface).  If you have not signed up and would like to use this service, please contact your student's school office for the step-by-step process.  We strongly encourage all parents to take advantage of this opportunity.  You can see excactly which assignments have been turned in and each part of their grade (homework, tests, quizzes, projects, etc.).

Another way to access information about your student's classes is to go to our new district website here at:  http// (click on your child's school).  Many teacher web pages are up and some are under construction.  You can email all teachers through this portal.