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Board Meeting Minutes

2013-2014 Minutes:

Minutes Regular Mtg February 25 2014 with dkn edits.pdf

Minutes Regular Mtg January 21 2014 with DKN Edits.pdf

Minutes Regular Mtg December 17 2013 with DKN edits.pdf

Minutes Regular Mtg November 19 2013 with dkn edits.pdf

Sp. Mtg. October 22, 2013 CHS visit.pdf

Minutes Regular Mtg October 15 2013 with dkn edits.pdf

Sp. Mtg. Minutes 9-29-13 Bd.-Supt Workshop.pdf

Minutes Regular Mtg September 17, 2013.pdf

Minutes Regular Mtg August 20 2013.pdf


2012-2013 Minutes:

Minutes Regular Mtg June 25, 2013.pdf

Minutes Sp. Mtg. 6-17-13.pdf

Minutes Regular Mtg May 21 2013 dkn.pdf

Sp. Mtg. Minutes 4-24-13.pdf

Minutes Regular Mtg April 16, 2013.pdf

Minutes Regular Mtg March 19 2013.pdf

Minutes Regular Mtg February 12 2013.pdf

Minutes Regular Mtg. January 15, 2013.pdf

Minutes Regular Mtg. December 18, 2012.pdf

Minutes Regular Mtg. November 13, 2012.pdf

Minutes Special Mtg EMS visitation 11-7-12.pdf

Minutes Sp Mtg October 24 2012 BPS visit.pdf  

Minutes 10-16-12 Goal Setting Workshop & Regular Mtg.pdf  

Minutes Sp. Mtg. October 11, 2012 CHS visit.pdf

Minutes Regular Mtg. September 18, 2012.pdf  

Regular Mtg. August 21, 2012.pdf

Sp 7-31-12 Goal Setting Workshop.pdf  



2011-2012 Minutes:

Minutes Sp Mtg August 8, 2011 Goal Setting Workshop.pdf

Minutes Regular Mtg. August 16, 2011.pdf

Minutes Regular Mtg. September 20, 2011.pdf

Minutes Sp. Mtg. October 18, 2011 CHS visit.pdf

Minutes Special and Regular Mtg. October 18, 2011.pdf

Minutes Sp. Mtg. November 2, 2011 EMS visit.pdf

Minutes Regular Mtg. November 15, 2011.pdf

Minutes Sp. Mtg. Nov. 28, 2011 - personnel matter.pdf

Minutes Sp. Mtg. December 13, 2011 BPS visit.pdf

Minutes Regular Mtg. December 20, 2011.pdf

Regular Mtg. January 17, 2012 + Workshop.pdf

Minutes Regular Mtg. February 15, 2012 + Special Mtg.pdf 

Minutes Sp Mtg. 3-2-12 Supt. Interviews.pdf

Minutes Sp Mtg. 3-3-12 Supt. Interviews.pdf

Minutes Sp Mtg. 3-10-12 Supt. hire.pdf

Minutes Regular Mtg. March 20, 2012.pdf

Minutes Regular Mtg. April 17, 2012.pdf

Minutes Sp Mtg. 4-17-12 CHS Principal Interviews.pdf

Minutes Regular Mtg. May 15, 2012.pdf

Minutes Sp. Mtg. 6-25-12 Goal Setting Workshop.pdf

Minutes Regular Mtg. June 26, 2012.pdf


 2010-2011 Minutes:

Minutes Regular Mtg. August 17, 2010.pdf

Minutes Sp. Mtg. September 30, 2010 BPS visit.pdf 

Minutes Sp. Mtg. October 14, 2010 EMS visit.pdf

Minutes Regular Mtg. October 19, 2010 + Workshop.pdf

Minutes Regular Mtg. November 29, 2010.pdf

Minutes Regular Mtg. December 14, 2010.pdf

Minutes Sp. Mtg. January 12, 2011 CHS visit.pdf

Minutes Regular Mtg. January 18, 2011 + Workshop.pdf

Minutes Regular Mtg. February 15, 2011.pdf

Minutes Regular Mtg March 15, 2011.pdf

Minutes Regular Mtg. April 12, 2011 + Workshop.pdf

Minutes Regular Mtg. May 17, 2011.pdf

Minutes Sp. Mtg. 6-8-11 Superintendent Search firms.pdf

Minutes Regular Mtg. June 21, 2011.pdf