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Newman, Dwayne
District Superintendent
Superintendent's Bulletin

Superintendent's Message

September Update

If we do the right work, achievement scores will take care of themselves.  It’s our view that scores reflect a high quality education; we work toward a well-balanced system focused on delivering a high quality education to ALL students.  Our primary focus is on increasing how much our students know and are able to do; test scores will reflect our progress. 


Our District Goals for the year are essentially:

  • Increase Student Achievement.
  • Close Achievement Gaps.
  • Improve the atmosphere, communication, technology, and facilities within CUSD.


Student learning depends on an aligned curriculum, and sound first instruction.  For the instructional staff our emphasis remains on implementing the Common Core, and insuring that students get research-based instructional strategies.  We continue to deepen our use of data as a tool for understanding where we’re being effective, and where we need to change.



CUSD is taking a different approach to supplying services to our expelled and at-risk students.  Last Tuesday the board agreed to a plan which would mean transporting expelled students to the Feather River Academy run by Sutter Co. Office of Ed.  While we will face costs for transportation, the SCOE has agreed to view these students as inter-district transfers.  Which means that we will not be billed back for any excess costs.  Last year the bill from CCOE amounted to over $73K for our Community and Opportunity School students.  We can transport students to FRA every day of the year for about 1/4 of that cost.  More importantly, the size of the FRA makes it possible to offer our kids more programmatic and support options than CCOE’s programs could ever be expected to offer – it’s simply a matter of economies of scale. 


We continue to make progress on the SELPA issue.  Whatever happens with the SELPA our first concern is to maintain the quality of services to our students.  We know that this is a stressful situation, but believe that this is a necessary step to insure that all students interests are considered.  I will send out more information as it becomes available.


We had an unexpected influx of students into 7th grade at the start of school.  13 new students pushed some sections of core classes above 34 students!  Mrs. Johnston and the EMS leadership team are working on solutions. 


In the long run, it looks like we are likely to have an ongoing issue with space.  Our Kindergarten class was above 125 again this year, and I just got a call from the Colusa County Planning Commission.  I’ve been asked to serve on a county delegation which will speak to a company interested in bringing 500 new jobs to the area.  We’ll need to be thinking about how we’ll potentially serve several hundred new students within 5 years.


Those of you who’ve been watching the progress of the new portable at Burchfield know that we’ve not opened it to student use.  We have some ADA access and fire code issues we must fix before the inspector will sign off.  It should be done and ready for kids by December. 


Summer school was a resounding success!  Thank you to all of our staff who worked through the heat to help 150+ of our students learn!   Ms. Lemenager (Erika) will be reporting on the program at the September board meeting.  ( I don’t want to steal her thunder, but the assessment results look very good!)


As a reminderhere is the link to the emergency procedure we use:   please make sure you, and your students, are familiar with this information.  If you have any questions, please see your site Principal.


Have a fun, safe and relaxing Labor Day!


Thank you for all you do for our kids!



Posted by: Dwayne Newman
Published: 8/29/14