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Mission Statement

The Mission of CUSD is to provide a safe, student-centered, high quality education to ALL students. 

Vision Statement

To provide, in cooperation with our families, an excellent, well-balanced education where students gain skills necessary for success in an ever-changing world. 


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Important Information

Update: 3/14/18 1:30pm

Parents, Students, and the Colusa Community,


Here is the latest information about the threat discovered at CHS yesterday:

  • We have had our technology department examine electronic searches and they have not found any indications of a credible threat.  They continue to look for additional methods of detecting electronic evidence related to this situation.
  • Administrators and the Colusa Police continue to investigate.
  • At this time we have received no tips or information about any student making a threat to the school.
  • CUSD staff are alerted and will be extra cautious about detecting and reporting suspicious behavior.


At this point we have no reason to believe the threat is credible.  However we will continue to deal with this situation as if it were.  Safety remains our top priority.  We intend to make all possible efforts to discover who wrote the threatening message, and ensure that we deal with the situation appropriately. 


Again, I would encourage anyone in our community with information about this situation to contact CHS at 458-2156.  Remember: If you see something, say something – it’s the best way to keep our schools safe.


Dwayne Newman




A few minutes ago, students at CHS discovered a handwritten message on the bottom of a bookshelf.  It was threatening, but did not indicate an immediate or credible threat. The message indicated a date, but that date is over a week in the past. 


Here’s what we currently know and are doing in response:

  • Administrators are seeking information about the message.  They have not heard any chatter from students about a disgruntled peer.  
  • They have had no severe, violent behavior issues with any student recently.
  • Police have been called.  The message is in their hands and we will seek their advice on our response.
  • Administrators will interview the students present in the room where the threat was found.
  • CUSD staff are checking Instagram, Twitter and other social media for any indication of a threat from a CUSD student.
  • Staff will be asked to be “extra vigilant” today and for the next few days.
  • We will seek and follow the advice of the Sheriff’s Office and Police department as to any further response.    


Students, parents and community members are urged to call the High School Office at 458-2156 if they have any information about who wrote the message, or have heard of a student making threats to the school.


Parents will be informed if/when we have additional factual information. 


Again, we have no reason to think there is an immediate threat, but we did find a threatening message.  Law enforcement has been contacted, the school has no indication that a lockdown is necessary, but we are investigating the matter and will keep our community informed. 


Información importante


Hace unos minutos, los estudiantes de CHS descubrieron un mensaje escrito a mano en el fondo de una estantería. Era amenazante, pero no indicaba una amenaza inmediata o creíble. El mensaje indicaba una fecha, pero esa fecha es más de una semana en el pasado.

Esto es lo que sabemos actualmente y estamos haciendo en respuesta:

  • Los administradores buscan información sobre el mensaje. No han escuchado ninguna platica de estudiantes sobre un compañero descontento.
  • No han tenido problemas graves de comportamiento violento con ningún estudiante recientemente.
  • La policía ha sido llamada. El mensaje está en sus manos y buscaremos su consejo sobre como sera nuestra respuesta.
  • Los administradores entrevistarán a los estudiantes presentes en el salón donde se encontró la amenaza.
  • El personal de CUSD está revisando Instagram, Twitter y otras redes sociales para detectar cualquier amenaza de un estudiante de CUSD.
  • Se le pedirá al personal que esté "más vigilante" hoy y durante los próximos días.
  • Buscaremos y seguiremos los consejos de la Oficina del Alguacil y el Departamento de Policía en cuanto a cualquier respuesta posterior.

Se les pide a los estudiantes, padres y miembros de la comunidad que llamen a la Oficina de la escuela preparatoria al 458-2156 si tienen información sobre quién escribió el mensaje o si han oído hablar de un estudiante que hace amenazas a la escuela.


Los padres serán informados si o cuando tenegamos información factual adicional.


Una vez más, no tenemos motivos para pensar que hay una amenaza inmediata, pero sí encontramos un mensaje amenazante. Se ha contactado a la policía, la escuela no tiene indicios de que sea necesario un encierro, pero estamos investigando el asunto y mantendremos informada

BPS 2018 Patriotic Performance: "Thank You America"

Responding to the Incident in Florida

Good Afternoon,


At a time when everyone is anxious about school safety, I think it appropriate to reassure you of the measures we take at CUSD to keep students and staff safe.


  1. We have safety drills which are practiced frequently.  After each drill we assess and look for ways to make things even more safe.
  2. We invested, and will continue to invest, in safety infrastructure and equipment upgrades. 
  3. Our safety protocols demand contacting the police, even in cases where we have no tangible evidence of a threat.
  4. Even the least possible credible hint of a threat would send our sites into Lockdown mode immediately.
  5. Parents are notified each and every time we have any credible hint of a threat.  
  6. We do not, and will not, place our students in danger by pretending "it wouldn't happen here."   We are sadly aware that violence can happen anywhere.  
  7. Our safety mantra is "Regret is always harder."  Which means I would rather see us go into 1,000 unnecessary lockdowns than fail to go into lockdown when it is really needed.  

I hope our community and parents trust that we place student safety at the top of our priority list.  And if it brings you any comfort, my own son attends Colusa Schools.  I do not think my approach to school safety would change even if he did not, but it does speak to my personal investment in the safety of our students. 


My professional and personal commitment to keep our ALL our children safe is, I hope, obvious, and will continue to be so.


Sending condolences to the Families affected by the incident in Florida.



Dwayne Newman






CUSD Employment Opportunities

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7/8 ScienceTeacher


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7/8 Math Teacher


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Science Teacher (Chemisty & Earth Science)


Location: Colusa High School

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Deadline: Open Until Filled 


Process: Click here to apply on Edjoin

UCP Annual Notice for 2017 – 2018

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