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All Units Requests Should be submitted to, and approved by, the Principal prior to taking a course or participation in a continuing education activity.  If the teacher is confident the class applies to the criteria listed below (#1), they may take the course and then get principal initials. Should the units not be approved, an ad hoc committee consisting of one teacher from each site and two representatives from the Leadership Team will consider the information and make a recommendation.  The Committee’s decision on the matter will be final.


#1  What meets the requirements for class advancement on the salary schedule?

Units taken at an accredited college or university.

Graduate or Upper Division courses taken after the Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) has been granted provided they:

a. Fulfill requirements for an advanced degree or;

b. Fulfill requirements for an additional credential or;

c. Are related to the teaching assignment.

(Salary units may be granted to entry level or lower division classes in Spanish and Computer Technology only.)


#2  Continuing Education units to include conferences, workshops, institutes, academies, symposia.

Acceptable workshops and programs include ones whose purpose is to increase the professional knowledge, competence, performance, or effectiveness in education, of the participants.

  1. Recorded clock hours must be restricted to time spent in those portions of the conferences, workshops, or programs that contribute to participants' professional knowledge, competence, performance, or effectiveness in education. Time spent in "business" meetings of the sponsoring organization or time spent completing follow up projects or assignments may not be recorded.


Continuing Education Units (10 hours = 1 Quarter Unit; 15 Hours = 1 Semester Unit) to be credited for the employee's advancement on the salary schedule are:

  1. To be completed outside of contracted employment hours and at no expense to the district.
  2. In the event that such CEUs/hours are earned during a conference, workshop or training for which the employee's expenses have been paid through the district, he/she may reimburse the district the like amount charged for CEUs/hours (@ the current CSU, Chico CEU rate) completed and receive salary schedule credit.


#3  Documentation needed for approval of CEUs includes:

  1. Completed Units Submission Form, with information about the conference, institute, academy, symposium or activity, including provider's contact information.
  2. Verification of CEUs/hours must be documented by the sponsoring organization through (a) a letter addressed to the teacher, or (b) a certificate of completion which lists total CEUs/hours with a provider's contact information.


#4  To receive credit for units approved by the Units Committee, teachers must:

  1. submit a readable copy of their transcript to the attached to the Units Submission Form which states whether the units are quarter or semester, or
  2. submit a letter or certificate to document continuing education activities which lists the total CEUs/hours completed and the provider's contact name and phone number (if possible).


#5  Deadline for submitting transcripts or CEUs/hours for movement on the salary schedule each year:

4:00 pm October 10 or the Monday following, if October 10 falls on a weekend. Units submitted after this deadline will be posted for salary growth the following year. Courses must be completed prior to the first day of school to be posted to the salary schedule that fall.



Units Request Process and Form