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Substitute Teaching

tri-county substitute teacher consortium 

Tri-County Substitute Teacher Consortium  (Colusa, Sutter, Yuba Counties)

Qualifications to Substitute:

How to begin...

  1. Visit
  2. Meet the above qualifications to substitute
  3. Apply for the Emergency 30-Day Substitute Permit at issued by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing
  4. Apply through Ed Join for the Substitute position at


You will be invited to attend the Professional Substitute Training course after all requirements are met 




Substitute Forms




The Tri-County Consortium may no longer share employment information with the districts for our easy use of processing timesheets for payment.  Every district who is part of the Tri-County Consortium now must obtain their own set of records.   We apologize for the repetitive paperwork for every district you choose to work in.  Below you will find hyperlinks to every form for your convenience. 


Please complete the following and return to Shannon Laux at Colusa Unified School District, 745 Tenth Street, Colusa, CA 95932 or give your information to any site administrative assistant in our district to forward to me. 


Once these items have been received, you will receive payment on the next available pay period.  Either the last working day of the month or on/around the 10th of the month.


  1. Copy of Social Security Card


  1. Copy of Driver’s License


  1. IRS form W-4 2017 (1st page only)         


  1. State of California Tax form (1st page only)


  1. USCIS Employment Eligibility form  (1st page only)

The 2nd page outlines the item(s) you will need to provide in order to clear.  Commonly used; driver’s license and social security card (already required).


Pay Schedules  and Timesheets 


Thank you in advance for quickly completing the necessary paperwork in order to process timesheets without delay.



Colusa Unified School District
745 Tenth Street, Colusa, CA 95932
(530) 458-7791
16-17 Substitute Salary Schedule 
          Adopted 6/13/17, No Change 0% Increase
Teachers $140 per full day (effective November 2, 2015)  
  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday full day is equal to 6 hours
  Wednesday full day is equal to 5.5 hours    
  Minimum Day full day is equal to 4.5 hours    
  Substitutes that sub during the prep period will be paid an additional 1/6 day pay ($140/6 = $23.33)  This additional period will be equal to 1 hour for a regular period and 1.5 hours for a block schedule period
Classified Step 1 on the salary schedule for the position in which they are substituting