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Colusa (formerly, Colusi, Colusi's, Koru, and Salmon Bend) is the county seat of Colusa County California. The population was 5,971 at the 2010 census.

The City of Colusa is an historic town situated on a bend in the Sacramento River and was founded in 1868.  Its picturesque setting is enhanced by wide, tree shaded streets, century old Victorian homes, a temperate climate and a number of historical landmarks, including the stately courthouse which has the distinction of being the second oldest in active use.

In 1850, Charles D. Semple purchased the Rancho Colus Mexican land grant on which Colusa was founded and called the place Salmon Bend. The town was founded, under the name Colusi, by Semple in 1850. The first post office was established the following year, 1851. The California legislature changed the town's (and the county's) name to Colusa in 1854. The town flourished due to its location on the Southern Pacific Railroad. Several travelers rest stops were established at various road distances from Colusa, including Five Mile House, Seven Mile House, Nine Mile House, Ten Mile House, Eleven Mile House, Fourteen Mile House (also called Sterling Ranch), Sixteen Mile House (at the current location of Princeton), and Seventeen Mile House. The original settlement of what became Colusa was originally placed at the site of Seven Mile House but subsequently removed to its current site in 1850.

Colusa features a historic Chinatown, Carnegie Library building constructed in 1905, and an architecturally noteworthy courthouse built in a classical style, among its historically notable buildings.  

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