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School Closure Emergency Procedures

Dear Parents:

Again this winter, wind and rain storms could cause loss of electricity. This letter outlines what the District will do in the event that a decision to close school must be made:

  • During bad weather, we ask parents and staff to listen to their radio or TV for information about school closures.  Whenever possible, the decision to close school will be made by 6:30 a.m.

 We will notify these stations:

   103.1 FM                    KKCY Radio                        Yuba City

   104 FM                       KXCL Radio                         Yuba City

   107.5 FM                    KPPL Radio                         Chico

   1600 AM                     KUBA Radio                        Yuba City

   99.9 FM                      KRCX Radio (Spanish)        Yuba City

   KCRA                         TV (Channel 3)                     Sac

   KHSL                         TV (Channel 12)                   Chico

  • If students are already at school when the storm hits, unless it becomes unsafe to keep students in the schools we will generally try to retain students at school until the normal release times.  If we have to close school during the day and send students home, we will inform the radio or TV stations listed above, and post it on the District Web site and District Facebook pages.  Please do not call the schools for information.  The schools will be busy contacting parents of bus students first (so bus students will have a parent at the bus drop off site).  All information about school closures will be given to the radio and TV stations.


  • A student sign-out sheet will be used in each school office for parents who are coming to pick up their students when school is closed for emergency purposes.


  • Principals will remain on site until all students have been picked up by parents.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to speak to your child’s principal.


Larry Yeghorian, Interim Superintendent