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Heart of the Hawk

The Colusa Unified School District wishes to recognize employees, volunteers, community members, and students for their exemplary service in the classroom, school, district or community through the gift of time, talent, or resources.  
We would invite District and School Employees as well as members of Colusa Unified School Community to nominate candidates that embody the following qualities:
Teamwork and Leadership
The nominee exemplifies cooperation, morale, and teamwork; displays courtesy,  
diplomacy, flexibility and is responsive to others.  The nominee consistently provides effective and sensitive leadership through knowledge, example, and selflessness.
Creativity and Innovation
The nominee offers new and creative ideas that result in improved student learning and/or enhanced services to students in the classroom, school, or district.
Commitment and Dependability 
The nominee consistently produces work of high quality and provides outstanding
service to the Colusa Unified School Community.  The nominee invests oneself in the position and exhibits a high level of commitment; often makes personal sacrifices to complete the work or handle a temporary increase in workload.
Community Service Activity
While maintaining excellent work habits, the nominee engages in activities outside the regular work schedule that benefit Colusa Unified School or the community at large.
To nominate someone download the form here.